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Unforgettable School Camp Stay


At Danhostel Frederikshavn all school classes are welcome.

We are close to the ferry terminal, railway station, the town’s walking streets, attractions and the fantastic nature around Frederikshavn. Therefore we are the best choice for school groups near and far.

Our School Camp Offer

We have 28 newly renovated en-suite rooms with a view of the scenic Watchman Square.  The majority of the rooms have 4-5 beds, and there are 2 rooms with 6 beds.

We assign the rooms according to gender, and offer one room free (with 1-4 beds) for the teachers with payment of the price per student listed below.  Additional rooms for teachers can be purchased for an additional 300 kroners per night.

We can offer our school camp package which includes the following per day:

  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast and packed lunch, including fruit and juice, or water
  • Hot Dinner – one course including salad, bread and juice, or water
    (dinner is provided on arrival day, but not on the day of departure)

In the period 1/3 til 15/6 and from 15/8 til 30/9, the price per day, per person is from 270 – 320 kr.
In the period 1/10 til 28/2, the price per person, per day is 225 kr.

The prices include taxes and are valid for school camps of over 15 people with a minimum of 2 nights.

In addition, the following applies:

  • It is necessary to use linen, so you can bring your own or rent from us for 50 kr. per set. For hygienic reasons, sleeping bags are not allowed.
  • You can bring your own bath towels or rent from us for 15 kr (large bath towel).
  • There is an obligatory cleaning fee of 100 kr.
  • The Danhostel card is not valid for school camp groups.

Here are some suggestions for activities and experiences in and around Frederikshavn

We can assist you to put together an exciting and educational stay in Frederikshavn.  Here are a few tips:

  • Bangsbo Fort and Bangsbo Museum – one of Denmark’s most exciting and educational area with history from the 2nd World War.  Includes interactive courses, tours, role playing, etc.  Learn more at www.bangsbo.com
  • The Palm Beach (Palmestranden) just north of Frederikshavn, with more than 100 genuine Italian palm trees which adorn the beautiful beach area at Rønnerhavnen (Rønner harbour). Beach volleyball courts, beach handball courts, place for camp fire and much more.  See www.palmestranden.dk
  • Bangsbo Animal Park (Dyrepark) – Large fenced and hilly forest area which stretches from Bangsbo Hovedgård (Bangsbo Museum) up to Bangsbo Fort. The forest has a large population of wild deer, and there are plenty of possibilities for activities in the forest or on the marked trails.
  • Walking streets in Frederikshavn – Even though the city has 25,000 residents, there are 3 times as many shops, due to the many visitors from Norway and Sweden www.frederik.nu
  • The Manor House, Herregården Knivholt Hovegård, lies just east of Frederikshavn. – There is the  possibility to visit and arrange to hear stories on life at the manor house and much more. www.knivholt.dk
  • Skagen – Use a day to visit the beautiful Skagen using the train going North from the railway station in Frederikshavn to the centre of Skagen.  Visit the tip of Skagen (Grenen), Skagen Museum and much more.
  • Bicycle Rental – We can help you with the rental of reliable bicycles both in Frederikshavn and Skagen.
  • Cycle Routes –There are many cycle trails in the hilly terrain around Frederikshavn.  We can give you good tips about different routes so you can have an exciting experience. For example there is a good bike route which runs from Bangsbo Fort, behind the hills Sæbygaard Castle and Sæby harbour, along the water near the cannons at Bangsbo Fort, and back to Danhostel past the Naval Base.