Prices - Danhostel Frederikshavn
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Price per room, per night:
Single Room         –  kr. 420,-
Double Room       –  kr. 480,-
3-bed room           –  kr. 545,-
4-bed room           –  kr. 605,-
5-bed room           –  kr. 665,-
6-bed room           –  kr. 725,-
In high season (June, July and August) additional room price of kr. 110 per night

Room rates exclude the following:
Bed linen/Bath towel – kr. 60 per set
(you can bring your own linen – for hygienic reasons, sleeping bags are not allowed)
Adult breakfast – kr. 65 per day
Children under 12 breakfast – kr. 35 per day
Danhostel discount card – kr. 70 for Danish residents, 160 kr for non-Danish residents.

You can receive at least 10% discount with the Danhostel membership card or your Hihostel card
The Danhostel card is a membership card for Danhostel + Hostelling International and gives you at least 10% discount on your stay all over the world at more than 4000 hostels.
The prices above reflect day membership for each night.

If everyone in the room over 18 years has a Danhostel card, we will give a 10% discount on the room price.