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Take a look around the Hostel

Here you can take a look around our cosy hostel and see some of the good facilities we offer.

The reception area is bright and  inviting.  Here you can have a cup of coffee,  read the newspaper, and enjoy the view of the square.  There is also a large assortment of brochures on the attractions and events in Frederikshavn and the top of Denmark. Our staff have a vast knowledge of the local area and will gladly provide all the information you need.

Every morning, you can enjoy our delicious breakfast buffet.

View of the picturesque Watchman Square.

In the internet café you can check your email, find information, or purchase tickets.  We also have wireless internet.

Sit on the corner sofa, and  watch TV, read a book, or play one of our board games.


During the summertime, there is room to relax on the little patio where you can always grill.  You can park your bicycle in the locked yard.